Our courses are finished for this term.
For special spring and summer courses, see “Upcoming courses”
(please see "Aktuella kurser" on the Swedish version of this website).

We maintain a safe distance and follow hygiene recommendations.
Of course, you only take part in our courses if you are healthy.

Course fees that have been invoiced will be compensated by a discount for a course of your choice during autumn term 2020 (this applies to courses that have been invoiced for the full amount). The discount is personal.

Other course fees have been changed to equal the duration of the course.
If you have questions, please call 06-785 0275 or 06-785 0274.

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Welcome to Pedersöre MI
- an Adult Education Centre in Pedersöre!

Pedersöre MI arranges courses for all ages within most fields of interest.
The language of instruction is Swedish on the majority of our courses.
We also offer courses held in Finnish as well as bilingual courses.
Every semester there are a few courses thaught in English as well.
Please check our course offer for details.

We have courses, lectures and events for you!
Explore our selection on our website and in our brochure.
Through exercise, craftsmanship, power of thought and food for the soul
you can improve your quality of life and your qualifications.
All this we can offer you. We welcome you to take part in our activities!

Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions about new courses or lectures!

Åsa, Majlen, Mikael and Marie-Louise


The paper brouchure has been distributed to all households in Pedersöre  and can
also be picked up from any library in the Pedersöre region.


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